Sunday, January 28, 2007

Minnesota Book Burning & Concert featuring Total War

Minnesota Book Burning & Concert featuring Total War:

After action report:

Tonight nearly 100 men and women from the National Socialist Movement and allied Comrades gathered near Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The night began with Dinner at a local restaruant, where we nearly filled the place.

After Dinner, the massive convoy of cars, suv's, pickups, and vans drove to the inner City area where we held the First ever Book Burning organized by National Socialists in the United States. A nice Minnesota Temperature of approx. 3 degrees prompted the men to work extra fast, and get the fire going quickly. Standing in a massive circle many in attendance stood close to the flames, the torches were then lit, and it began! As flames whipped high into the air, several announcements were made, and I offered the first of many items to the flames. The first thing to hit the pyre was several letters from the German Govn't telling us how music from our Record Label (NSM Records) is banned in Germany. After that, an Israeli flag was set to burn. Then the books came hurling into the flames, The Talmud went up in flames along with its brother the Communist manifesto, then came books promoting homosexuality/beastiality, and so on. Upon viewing either the high flames or perhaps hearing the shouts of White Power in the inner City, the Police soon showed up. They walked through the snow to see what was going on, and asked us to move a vehicle that was parked off of the road. After that they watched on from the road on a hillside.

Just as this event was heating up, NSM Security recieved a phone call from the VFW Hall where we reserved space for the Total War show. The Hall owner who knew exactly who we were, and whom we had written and signed contracts with says he changed his mind, and thought we were a Wedding Party, even though the contract clearly says Concert right on it. So a few of us left the book burning early to go directly talk with the Hall owner. He attempted to give me back the money we payed for the Hall and said he didn't want us there, I refused to take the money knowing he was in breech of contract. He then became upset and called the Police, the Police basically surrounded the Hall and told us the breech of contract would have to be dealt with in court, but that we had to leave now.

Plan B was then set into motion. We had 2 bands and nearly 100 people, so lets find another club. We tried and tried, and no luck was finding us. Then one of the women started calling places asking if a Nazi Band could come and play, all of a sudden a venue is found. By this time a number of Comrades had already left, but the rest of the group went to the club, set up, and started playing. The opening band was a metal band of new Comrades from the Minneapolis area. A pit formed and even a few of the old timers got in to it. Then Total War hit the stage and the crowd went wild, shouts of Sieg Heil and White Power could be heard for blocks. Women and other Whites wandered from the upper level of the club & gathered to see who was playing.

Needless to say, it was an awesome event! I wish I would not have had to of missed the last part of the evening, and I want to thank everyone that came out to Minnesota to do this with the NSM/ HQ Crew.

Special thanks to the bands, NSM Concert Security, the local NSM crew (Ray for the books, Mike for helping on coordinating, Chad for the firewood, Pat for directions, Josh on security, and all the rest of the local crew that pitched in), NSM Kansas for the torches and Security shirts, NSM Michigan for filming, the tattoo artists, and everyone else that played a part, we Salute YOU!

Hail Victory! Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM HQ

Our Next Major event is a Rally at the State Capitol in South Carolina on April 21st, which will be followed up with a Concert at the Redneck Shop featuring Total War and Achtung Juden.

Friday, January 26, 2007

St. Paul newspaper on Book Burning

Neo-Nazi group's plan to burn Jewish books in the Twin Cities draws protests
Pioneer Press
A group of religious leaders and government officials are denouncing plans by a neo-Nazi group to burn copies of Jewish books in the Minneapolis area.

The book-burning will take place Saturday at an undisclosed place and time, according to website of the Minneapolis-based National Socialist Movement.

Alan Silver, president of the Jewish Community Relations Council, said the choice of Saturday for the book burning was obviously no accident, since it is the anniversary of the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz. The day is now commemorated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Attorney General Lori Swanson said only a concerted effort by those who oppose hatred and prejudice would quell the efforts of neo-Nazi and similar groups. She wanted to participate in that, she said.

"I think it's important for public officials to stand up and say, in our Minnesota, we don't tolerate hatred and bigotry," she said.

The neo-Nazi group's site states participants in the "Great Minnesota Book Burning" will "torch degenerate books such as the Talmud, and other anti-American and/or anti-White books."

Book Burning in Minneapolis paper

Interfaith leaders speak out against neo-Nazi book burning plans
A Holocaust survivor's words echoed most vividly at an interfaith gathering to denounce plans for a shadowy neo-Nazi gathering.
By Pamela Miller, Star Tribune
Last update: January 26, 2007 – 5:19 PM

Compared with the unspeakable things Margot DeWilde has seen, a neo-Nazi book-burning rally scheduled to take place somewhere in the Twin Cities today is not much.
Nonetheless, on Friday, DeWilde, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor living in, Plymouth, came to a library at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park -- a place full of the books the phantom fascists have said they'll torch -- to join religious and political leaders in denouncing such hatred.

The program was a response to a website announcement that "National Socialist Movement" members will burn "degenerate books such as the Talmud," listen to "White Patriot" bands and film it all today "in the Minneapolis area."

The exact time and place of today's rally are not known, but the date is no coincidence. Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the 61st anniversary of the Russian army's liberation of Auschwitz.

Efforts to find rally participants were unsuccessful.

Jewish leaders say the videotaping element is of special concern in the age of, when such footage is likely to have wide viewership by young people.

"The risk that we may be boosting this event's profile is far outweighed by the opportunity to remind ourselves of the American values we share," said Steve Hunegs of the Jewish Community Relations Council. "I could not look a Holocaust survivor or the Minnesotans who fought in World War II in the eye if we did not speak out about something like this."

The audience, made up primarily of Twin Cities Jewish Middle School students, heard racism and book-burning denounced by JCRC president Alan Silver, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson, Zafar Siddiqui of the Islamic Resource Group, Omar Jamal of the Somali Justice Center and James Olsen of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches.

But the young people listened most intently to DeWilde, who spoke of losing her husband at Auschwitz and of the death march she survived near the end of the war.

"Hatred is not the way," she said. "Hatred only falls back on the person who feels it. We all have to live together in this world, to try, person by person, to bring a little peace to it."

Jonah Newman, 17, a student at Minneapolis South High School, read a 1933 letter from Helen Keller to Germans who had burned her book.

After the program, Newman, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, pondered the likelihood that today, somewhere near his home, Minnesotans his age may be dancing to racist music around flames fed by Jewish holy books.

"It's something to be concerned about, but they wouldn't be the only people who perpetrate hate crimes or are anti-Semitic," he said. "It's important to know they're out there and to say that this kind of thing is fringe and unacceptable."

Pamela Miller • 612-673-4290 •

NSM on Fox news

Neo-Nazis Plan Book Burning

Last Edited: Thursday, 25 Jan 2007, 5:48 PM CST
Created: Thursday, 25 Jan 2007, 5:27 PM CST

A group of neo-Nazis are planning a book burning in Minneapolis on Saturday.

MINNEAPOLIS -- A neo-Nazi group has scheduled a book burning event for this weekend in Minneapolis.

This group is called the National Socialist Movement. It's based out of Minneapolis and well-known across the country as a neo-Nazi organization that is pro-white and anti-Semitic.

They draw attention and protest, and not all of it is peaceful.

In Austin, Texas last November, members of the group rallied against illegal immigrants from Mexico. A similar rally in Lansing, Mich. last April brought out 500 police officers.

This weekend, its website announces the Great Minnesota Book Burning, to take place Saturday in Minneapolis. The website even includes pictures of Nazi book burnings during the 1930s.

The announcement invites all known white patriots who are encouraged to bring degenerate books suitable for throwing into the fire.

One of the books on the list is the Jewish book of laws called the Talmud.

This is not a moment where we can just pass over it or turn around and ignore it,” Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman said. “It really needs to be spoken out against, because it really cuts to basic freedoms.”

The book burning announcement does not include a time or a location. Even the National Socialist Movement's phone number only contains a recruitment message.

The National Socialist Movement is billing this as an historic event. Minneapolis police are aware of the planned book burning, but are not disclosing how they plan to respond to it.

There is a photo and a video to view at this link -

NSM in North Dakota news

NSM Presidential Candidate in North Dakota newspaper:

Center, American Nazi party presidential candidate John Bowles, and his entourage: (l-r) Nick Chappell and Kevin Swift.

Nazi visits Valley City on 2008 election campaign swing
Wednesday, 24 January 2007
By Carla Kelly
Times-Record Staff Writer
Valley City had a visit Tuesday from a 2008 presidential candidate for the National Socialist Movement, better known as the American Nazi Party.
John Taylor Bowles, accompanied by his head of security and head of the party's youth movement, are on what Bowles calls his "2007 winter election offensive." This includes a swing through North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.
"The American Nazi Party is a good choice," Bowles said. "We're concerned that Americans have a limited choice in candidates."
One goal Bowles expressed was to get enough signatures to have his name placed on the North Dakota ballot for the 2008 presidential elections.
Bowles said he only planned to visit Valley City and Fargo before moving on to Minnesota.
"This is a beautiful place, and a nice way of life," he said of North Dakota. "It's a good example to the rest of the country. With people spread out in rural areas, you're protected from the problems in the rest of the country."
One problem Bowles sees is illegal immigration, and the twin problems of drugs and crime associated with it.
Bowles was more forthcoming on the campaign flyer he distributed, which said Bowles, "the white people's candidate," supports:
?Encouraging illegal non-white immigrants to leave, telling pushy minority agitators where to go.
? a government of, by, and for the people, not for special minorities, illegal non-white immigrants, traitors, race-mixers and sellout politicians.
Another reason why Bowles and his entourage are touring the Upper Midwest was to get more recognition for the American Nazi Party and encourage its supporters to run for office.
When asked, he said that no members of his party have been elected to state or national office yet, "but we're getting closer. You have to run in order to win. Third-party candidates need to be heard from."
On the international level, Bowles feels the United States should re-think its longstanding alliance with Israel.
"This would lessen the tension in the Middle East," he explained.
When questioned, he also had an answer for the Holocaust, in which more than 6 million Jewish men, women and children were killed, as part of Adolf Hitler's "Final Solution."
He doesn't believe it happened.
"Sure, there were concentration camps," Bowles said, "but those were for people causing problems in Germany. Most deaths came because of typhoid in the camps."
When asked where all those Jews went, then, he countered with a question of his own: "Germans are orderly and efficient. If Germany did such a good job of killing the Jews, why were there so many survivors?"
As the self-proclaimed "white people's candidate," Bowles also had a suggestion for America's racial problems.
"Send the blacks to Africa," he said, "or put them somewhere in their own area in the United States."
Bowles, a 30-year-member of the American Nazi Party, is a former employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He lives in South Carolina, as do the two men who accompanied him to Valley City.
Kevin Swift, 23, is his chief of security. Nick Chappell, 18, is the director of the party's youth movement.
"My job is to educate youth," Chappell said. "We discuss the problems of America. I help them see those problems, and I push them in the correct direction."
When asked about the party's membership, Bowles said that is privileged information. He claimed the party garnered 1,000 new members last month alone.
"We're the number one, largest pro-white political party in the country," he said. "Our commander gets calls on the hot line. He can barely keep up."
Bowles said the American Nazi Party gets support from Germany and all over the world. "We hardly get hate mail from anywhere."
After Bowles and his security force complete this winter offensive, they are planning a campaign swing through the South in the spring. They might follow that with a trip farther west, too.
"Starting early like this (for the 2008 presidential campaign) gets early recognition, don't you think?" he asked. "White people deserve fair representation."
Bowles had a ready answer when asked if he thought potential voters might be repelled by the swastika armband on his uniform:
"It's an ancient symbol. I think it looks better than a jackass or an elephant, don't you? Besides, it's coming back in style."

Gutter Press

Gutter Press

By Max Bradley.

As the world reels from crisis to crisis I am more dismayed than ever about the lack of freedom of reporting and biased media coverage. It’s kind of like a universal language spoken by the media. They are all trained in one mindset that a very gullible public will lap up what they say as truth. It doesn’t have to be true or verified, anything that shocks will be given the hard sell as gospel truth. The more outrageous the story the better the ratings is their motto. So the more spin and fabrication they can weave around it is the name of the game. The public are not aware that they have an opinion on the subject, it is either good or bad and if you think different there is something wrong with you. Independent thinking by the public is discouraged to such a degree that you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a dictatorship. Anyone showing differing views and ideals are portrayed as crackpots and held up for public ridicule and spite egged on by the malicious media. This is supposed to be used as a deterrent to other enlightened persons wishing to pursue some world truths. But only encourages those same persons that there must be something dreadfully wrong for such energy to be wasted on apparently crazy people.
In New Zealand some trashy tabloid rag that stoops to gather muck to sell thought it had a scoop on so called NSM chapters in New Zealand. It was sloppy journalism filled with inaccuracies and sold to the public as truth. The paper in fact needs to print a full-page apology for being complete idiots. A news item then picked up the story going for the throat bringing out footage of Adolph Hitler in full glory. Again no substance and you have to wonder what it all meant. Did jews in New Zealand have to start fleeing for their lives the next day or did we all need some counselling to get over it. What was the point and do we care. This is a political party started up to promote the interests of white people, nothing to get hot about but because of the way it was portrayed people react negatively. The first Maori political party was ok and warmly welcomed by everyone black or white but that was because of the positive media reaction. Fortunately not everyone is that dumb and sometimes the media can trip on itself when it thinks it’s being clever. As the saying goes there’s no such thing as bad publicity and it only takes a few brave souls to act as real examples of freedom of speech to liberate the masses. Choke on that gutter press.

NSM Radio: New shows listed

Here are the latest shows from NSM Radio/TV at -

In no particular order.

(1/12/07) In the second of two programs, Terry relates the historic evidence of Jewish involvement in Organized Crime.

(1/15/07) Sheik Hilaly, leader of Australia's Muslims, has told Egyptian television that Muslims have more right to Australia than the descendants of British colonists.

(1/18/06) Recording of our Hal Turner Network program.

(1/19/06) The blood and treasure expended in WWI, WWII, and the War in Iraq have largely been for the interests of one group, Zionist Jews.

(1/22/07) An Australian born imam is recruiting young men to die for Islam. Also, an interview with Pastor Bullets of Stormfront.

(1/26/07) Terry talks about the Protocols of Zion< an infamous Jewish document, and discusses their authenticity.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Make History, Don't just read about it!

Make History, don't just read about it!

January 27th, 2007 will soon be a day remembered in History Books. The first EVER organized, National Socialist sponsored, Book burning in the United States is about ready to take place.

By torchlight National Socialists will set the pyre to burn, and degenerate books will be tossed into the flames.

The enemies of the White Race, and their willing helpers are eager to erase White History. Many schools today shove an assortment of Holohoax filth, Negro History, civil rights agendas, and now even the homosexual agenda down our childrens throats, all the while ignoring many important achievements in White History and Culture. Their goal is to make todays youth feel ashamed to be White.

The National Socialist Movement stands directly against the corruption of our Youth and Culture. We stand up and say publically what many White Americans believe, but are too afraid to say out loud due to persecution and political correctness. We are the bulwark, the backlash, the hot iron, and the WHIP. We weild the sword for those afraid, or unwilling to do so. Our Book burning is an open act of defiance to those who print lies, degenerate material, and all else that is harmfull to the greater good of our Folk.

The National Socialist Movement stands stronger now than ever before in America. We don't just talk about the problems facing White America, we take National Socialism into the streets directly, we take it to their Ivory Towers/State Capitols, we confront and defy the powers that be.

Join with us at this Historical event, all White Patriots are welcome. Choose to make yourself part of History, not just some man or woman that sat at home waiting for us to release the video/dvd of the event.

Bonus: NSM Records Event: All who attend the Book burning are welcome to attend the Wild Bill Hoff Memorial Concert with Total War & a surprise guest band, which will be held indoors at a private location. www.nsm88records. com

Hail Victory! Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM HQ

NSM HQ P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.

Phone Hotline Message # 651-659-6307

2nd Band added to Jan. 27th Minneapolis show

We are pleased to announce that we are adding a "surprise guest" band to the Jan. 27th Wild Bill Hoff Memorial Show. A Local Metal band from Minnesota will be opening up for Total War.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

And then...

From : Michael Dungelman <>
Sent : Monday, 15 January 2007 5:25:40 p.m.
To :
Subject : RE: White Power!

Suicidal Multiculturalism. Lets see...So they want to kill themselves because there are too many cutures existing within a society? You must be a republican. And I hope you have a purebred dog. Otherwise you're promoting the mixing of dog species. And that just ain't right. You should really listen to what your group stands for. It just seems like pure ignorance. And don't worry about a minority-run U.S. of A. There are too many bible-preaching redecks in the south to really keep that from happening. Oh yeah, they're probably racists too. (I know that racism is still a big problem down there).
We indeed are NOT the master race. Unless we are competing in NASCAR and duck hunting. We have that shit covered like white on rice. Since this a free country and we are all allowed to express our opinions in a non-violent manner I am taking the time to let you know that I feel you folks really need to open your eyes and stop basing things on color. Thats all you really are. I'm glad the world doesn't base things on color. If they did, we wouldn't be advancing as a worldly population.
If you really believe what you say, then you had better not be buying anything made in Japan, China, Mexico, Hong Kong, or any other place in the world inhabited by non-whites. If you can admit that, then I will give you credit. Otherwise I will have to say that you are contradicting your supposed mission. You just might be contributing to the wages of a mexican family-man. And try not to use the N-word. Its purely disrespectful. Don't you think?


Thought it was a waste of time answering you but I gave you the benefit of doubt. You are just spoiling for a fight and we here at the NSM blog are not into that tireless round of bitching. To answer you even though you did not have the decency to answer my question, yes I do have a beautiful wonderful pure breed dog. He’s a lab, now I would have thought you would ask a real curly question like if my dog was black. But one really wonders though how you ever came to compare humans to dogs! Multiculturalism is suicide when a race ceases to exist due to mongrelised offspring; we want our great grandchildren looking the same as us not a brown shade.

You are right when you say YOU are not the master race as you have already stated that you are a mismatch of different races. Even though you are what you are I do hope you shake off the chip on your shoulder and stop bothering us with your problem.

I do try to buy locally made but government policy and capitalists do insist on chasing big profits at the expense of the interests of the population. Basically I do what ever I feel is right for me and my race regardless of what you or anyone else think. That is really what your problem is. You would love the same feeling of being able to say what you really think.

If the n word you refer to is nigger, then just say it. While I’m on the subject of niggers I assume you live amongst them and have them over for Sunday roast if not then you disappoint me. That would not be very multicultural of you now would it Michael?

Well good luck at finding something you can be truly positive about and involved in, as you obviously need the attention of someone. I will not be wasting my time on you any longer.

Where ever the NSM goes the NSM does indeed grow!

White Power!

NSM Blog Staff. -

Quote: "This is not hate mail"

Below is an email I got from one Michael Dungelman. I have also added my reply to Michael.

From : Michael Dungelman <>
Sent : Sunday, 14 January 2007 9:21:46 a.m.
To :
Subject : White Power!

Nice to see how you folks do a great job at brainwashing the youth of today. It is just like these born-again christians. "Broken toys" who were damaged due to their own or others doings. These people are so vulnerable and all depending on who gets to them first, that is the direction in which they head.
My heritage consists of German, Swedish, Italian, Hawaiian, and Chinese. Would people in your movement be against me all for this? All-in-all we are all immigrants to this country. That includes all of these "whites". Native americans were here first.
I would actually like a response. This is not "hate mail".


A concerned citizen

Firstly it is not us who are brainwashing the Youth of today. It is the media who are indeed brainwashing our Youth into suicidal multiculturalism. The mixing of the Races is not natural.

We look out for our people and our Youth. We will lead our people onto better things. Race – Nation – Folk above all.

You would have no place within the NSM. However you have the right to be proud of your heritage, as do we. The only thing is we are not allowed this pride. We are not allowed to say White Power! But of course, the blacks can shout Black Power! And I am sure the Mexicans can shout what ever they like.

If the “natives” and other non-Whites were to run America, you would see it go down hill very fast indeed. Look at the mess in New Orleans, would you like to see that full scale? They are not capable to take on such things as that. We on the other hand are. We believe that the White Race is the most magnificent and beautiful Race out of all the Races.

Could you tell me what is wrong with promoting the power of the White Race?


A concerned White citizen.

NSM Blog Staff -

Friday, January 19, 2007

Nazi archive to remain unavailable

Nazi archive to remain unavailable

Nations' approval is bogging down access.

Published January 19, 2007

BERLIN - Despite pressure from U.S. lawmakers and frustration among Holocaust survivors, a Nazi-era archive remains off-limits to researchers, and officials say it could take years before the documents become available.

Eight months have passed since the 11 countries administering the log books, transport lists and death registers agreed to open the vast archive for research.

When German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries announced in Washington in April her nation's decision to drop its resistance, she told reporters that agreement among the member states should take no more than six months.

But that agreement was just the first step in a lengthy legal process to amend a 1955 treaty.

Only Israel and the United States have endorsed amendments adopted in May by the 11-nation International Commission. Others say ratification is in their legislative pipelines.

Why should the Nazi archive remain unavailable? Why are there holoco$t denial laws? Send your thoughts and comments to

NSM Texas rally


NSM Concert & Book burning


The Jan. 27th event in Minneapolis is coming up quickly now, and we are expecting alot of people at this event.

If any known activists are still waiting for the link up location, and we have not gotten that to you yet, contact me personally at

If you are not known to us, or verifiable via another WP group, then you must meet with NSM Reps in advance. Include that info when you contact me, and someone from the NSM will get back to you asap.

The media and local jews have been attempting to gather intel on this gathering, and they are not invited or welcome, this is a private event. Do not share any private information on this event with anyone, especially strangers online!

The NSM will be out in force on Jan. 27th, so do not miss this Historical Event. Years from now people will still be talking about the first organized book burning by National Socialists EVER in the United States! NSM TV will be video taping for Historical purposes. After the event we will be heading to Private Property for an indoor Concert (Wild Bill Hoff Memorial show) with Total War, you will be able to meet NSM's U.S. Presidential Candidate John Bowles, and more! Racially friendly beverages will be available on site.

Do not miss this event!!! Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ

Thursday, January 18, 2007

NSM Womens Division website: NEW


We are pleased to announce the Official Formation of the NSM Womens Division website at:

Women are an important part of the NSM, and are vital to any successfull Political Movement.

Ladies, get involved today in the NSM Womens Division. The Battle for our Race & Nation is now!

Hail Victory! Commander Jeff Schoep

National Socialist Movement P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.

Phone Hotline # 651-659-6307

Monday, January 15, 2007

NSM Ohio Protest in the News

NSM Ohio counter protests Coon Holiday.
MLK Remembered In Troy, Sidney Marches

POSTED: 11:26 am EST January 15, 2007
UPDATED: 11:38 am EST January 15, 2007

TROY, Ohio -- Participants taking part in the annual march honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monday in Troy were greeted again this year by members of the National Socialist Movement.

This year about a dozen of the members followed the marchers from downtown Troy to the police department and then on to the First Presbyterian Church where King and his dream were remembered.

The march paused at the police department, where officers and their safety were the focus of a community prayer.

In Sidney, the steady rain did not hamper the Fifth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. March on Monday morning.

Dozens of people walked the 2-mile parade route from Sidney High School to Sidney Fire Station No. 1 in downtown. A special outdoor service at the Shelby County Courthouse was moved indoors at the fire station due to the rain.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


If you would like to comment on this blog send it to The comments will continue to be restricted to team members only.

Heil Hitler!
NSM Blog Staff.

Recent arrests


I had strongly considered not bringing this issue to the membership, due to the overwhelming unpleasantness surrounding these cases, and my own very strong feelings about the well being of our Youth (Our Future). The National Media and our enemies in the Racial struggle are already well engaged in trying to smear White Racialist efforts, so it is better that you hear it from NSM HQ than some jewish or leftist source that is twisted to their liking.

Several rather high profile White Racialists have recently been charged with and arrested for sex crimes against children, and/or possessing child porn. First 2 former members of National Vanguard Kevin Strom, and Matt Downing were arrested, and now a former NSM member Gordon Young. As I stated to the reporter below, all people are innocent until proven guilty, and we all hope these men are innocent. If any of them are guilty, then there is no place for them now, or ever again for them in our White Racial struggle. In fact, if any of them are guilty of harming or exploiting our Nations youth, then the gallows or a firing squad would be a fair and just punishment.

As White Racial activists one of the most important aspects of our lives is our future generations, our children, our families, and our extended Movement Family. It is also our job to weed out those who are harmful to our Folk, and the fulfilment of our Mission.

I realize I do not speak for every single Racialist group out there today, but I will speak for the NSM and the vast majority of our Comrades when I say we will not tolerate anyone who harms or molests children.

Furthermore, the issue of adults preying on children is something that has infected many levels of our society, and has become a degenerate epidemic that people do not want to talk about. A large number of Priests molesting little boys, to high profile Democrats and Republicans such as the recent Mark Foley scandal, the exploitation of our children is unacceptable!

Sick Societies such as those that ended in ancient Rome, Babylon, Sodom & Gommorah, and elsewhere in the History books have died out due to rot and disease from within. Today we see what was once a strong and proud Nation plagued by the same rot as past fallen Empires. History repeats itself in many ways, and as the Nation slips, a new Warrior breed is rising to reclaim the greatness that seems to be long forgotten by today’s Folk. The Warrior breed of today is those among us whom embrace National Socialism. Our Nation is broken in many ways, and must be re-forged with Iron Will and Steel Virtue.

Quote: J. Schoep:
We must weild our swords against the rot and decay that is prevalent in today’s Society, and be the battle axe that chops away at all that is unhealthy for our Folk.

Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ National Socialist Movement
NSM/HQ P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.

P.S. This missive is not a condemnation of the Racialists who were recently arrested, they are innocent unless proven guilty.

From: "Commander NSM"
To: karenh@herald-
Subject: RE: Arrest of Gordon Young
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 15:04:14 -0600
Gordon Young is not currently active with the National Socialist Movement.
We are not aware of the exact details of his current legal problems, however if convicted the NSM does not allow membership to sex offenders.
Gordon Young does not strike me as someone who would engage in any sort of sex offense.
With that said, in America all people are innocent until proven guilty, and not knowing the details I cannot comment further on this story.
Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement

From: Karen Hanna
Subject: Arrest of Gordon Young
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 15:41:30 -0500
>My name is Karen Hanna, and I am a reporter with The Herald-Mail in
>Hagerstown, Md. I am writing to you seeking your comment about the arrest
>yesterday of Gordon Young, who in November told The Herald-Mail he was
>becoming the Maryland state leader of the movement.
>Mr. Young is charged with several counts involving sex offenses. Is he still
>active in the movement? Will he continue to be active in the movement as the
>court process proceeds?
>Thank you very much,
>Karen Hanna

Friday, January 12, 2007

Book Burning & Memorial Show Jan. 27th

The Great Minnesota Book Burning & Wild Bill Hoff Memorial Show

Featured Band: Total War

This is a reminder about the upcoming Book Burning and Wild Bill Hoff Memorial Show with Total War in Minneapolis on Jan. 27th. This event is only a couple of weeks away, so if you do not have your carpool planned yet, you need to take care of that right away.

Meet up location has been sent to known Racialists that plan to attend, if you do not have that info. yet contact us asap. We are screening people who are not known, or do not have some sort of group affiliation, so if you are unaffiliated and want to attend, we will have Reps contact you and meet you in advance.

Dresscode: Show up, keep warm. Uniforms are optional, but not mandatory due to Winter conditions. We will be filming part of the Book burning due to it being a Historical event, and the first organized NS Book burning since the 1930's or 40s. We may use some of the video footage for a music video for the song Burn the books by Achtung Juden. Participants do not have to be in the film, it is optional.

What to bring: $10. for the Concert, yourself, your spouse, your friends! Degenerate, perverted, or filthy jewish books as offerings for the pyre are also welcome.

Come Make History with the National Socialist Movement!!! www.nsm88records. com www.nsm88radio. com

NSM Brooklyn NY: New NSM chapter


We are pleased to announce the formation of our Brooklyn, New York Contact point:

Phone/Fax # 718-252-2247 NSM Brooklyn/ New York Contact #.

The NSM is now in the New York City area, get active today. NSM New York just added a new website to the rapidly expanding NSM Network: Check it out at www.nsm88ny. com www.nsm88records. com www.nsm88radio. com

Australian Aborigines going wild

BRISBANE, Australia - Security was stepped up at an Aboriginal community in remote northern Australia on Wednesday after rioters attacked a police station and ransacked a shop.

About 300 people went on a rampage Tuesday night in the northern Queensland community of Aurukun, on the western edge of Queensland's Cape York Peninsula, attacking the police station, the town store and a tavern.

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New German Program against Nationalists

Right-wing violence in Germany has been on the rise in recent years. Now, the government in Berlin wants to do something about it. A new program aims at strengthening democratic values in the country.

The news on the right-extremist front in Germany has not been good lately. A rising number of attacks, increasing numbers of youths attracted to neo-Nazi groups, and success for the far right at the polls have all raised concerns.

In response, the government in Berlin this week stepped up its fight against right-wing extremism by launching a campaign for diversity this week which will be funded with €19 million. The program, named somewhat clumsily the "Youth for Diversity, Tolerance, Democracy -- Against Right-Wing Extremism, Racism and Anti-Semitism," is meant to send a "clear signal to extremists who want to undermine the values of our society", says Gerd Hoofe, a senior official in the federal ministry for family.

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Germany wants holocau$t denial to be EU-wide crime

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Israel Settlement Plan Violates Roadmap for Peace

WASHINGTON — Israel's plan to construct a new settlement on the West Bank drew rare criticism Wednesday from the Bush administration.

If Israel goes ahead, it would violate Israel's obligations under the roadmap for peacemaking, a State Department spokesman said.

"The U.S. calls on Israel to meet its roadmap obligations and avoid taking steps that could be viewed as predetermining the outcome of future negotiations," the spokesman, Golzalo R. Gallegos, said.

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Pork soup illegal again

Pork soup illegal again

France's highest administrative court has confirmed a police decision banning an organisation with far-right links from offering pork soup to the homeless.

Police had banned the soup kitchen last month, arguing that the handouts discriminated against Jews and Muslims who do not eat pork on religious grounds.

But the ban was overturned by an administrative court earlier this week. The French interior ministry then appealed against that court ruling to the Conseil d'Etat, the country's highest administrative court.

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Illegal immigrant fails to show in court on assault charges

By Andy Nelesen

A 25-year-old illegal immigrant jumped bail Friday when he failed to show up to face accusations he molested a 12-year-old girl on several occasions last year.

Paulo Sheispan-Landero remained at large late Friday, having been released from custody Tuesday after posting $5,000 bail. He was arrested and booked New Year's Eve after the girl's mother alerted authorities.

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National Guard Attacked Near Mexico Border

January 05, 2007
National Guard Attacked Near Mexico Border

Armed Mexican drug smugglers ransacked a National Guard unit in the Arizona desert this week, contradicting immigrant advocates’ portrait of a U.S.-Mexico border crossed only by humble and desperate migrants in pursuit of the American dream.

The attack took place late at night in a portion of the Arizona-Mexico border near Nogales that is well known as a drug corridor. In fact, the 120-mile stretch of desert is the U.S. Border Patrol Tucson sector’s busiest for drug seizures. Last year alone, 124,000 pounds of narcotics were confiscated in the area.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

NSM Updates & Fan mail for NSM Radio


Our Phone lines and e-mail inquiries have spiked upward again, as a few more of the huddled masses start opening their eyes, new troops are gracing the NSM ranks as our efforts gear up for even greater things.

Below you can read a sample of just one of the many e-mails we recieved today, alot of fan mail coming in for NSM Radio lately www.nsm88radio. com , but first here is your NSM updates:

Due to our increased mail load, our Bulk mail shipment was slightly delayed and the latest NSM Newsletter and Invitations to the NSM National Meeting April 20th in South Carolina were just shipped out this week to all members and official supporters here in the U.S., our Oversea's Comrades will need to wait another week or so. NSM Nationals is a Pre-registered event, so be sure to fill out your invitations and get those back in to us if you are coming to the big event.

The Great Minnesota Book Burning and Wild Bill Hoff Memorial Show "featuring NSM Hate-core band Total War" is this Month on Jan. 27th in the Minneapolis area. All known Pro-White activists and supporters are welcome to attend. Concert Provided by NSM Records www.nsm88records. com

The NSM Campaign for the Presidency of the U.S. just recently launched Officially. The Candidate is hitting the Campaign trail already in the Midwest: The 2008 NSM presidential candidate will be touring and campaigning from January 26th through January 31th in a four state election blitz covering Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. See: www.bowlesforpresid

Bowles, a longtime National Socialist and a retired federal officer of the USDA states, "It's time to move this political campaign forward and talk to the White voters." Bowles further elaborated, " The time is right for a third political party to represent White people and his party (National Socialist Movement) is going to be the one that takes the lead and saves this country because White Americans have been misguided and lost their sense of direction and purpose and want solutions to their problems."

The NSM Videogame Production team is already past 1/2 way finished with the follow up to the smash hit videogame Zogs Nightmare! Zogs Nightmare 1 is currently being played by gamers all over the World, and is sold by many WP stores & Record Labels around the Nation and World. Zogs Nightmare 2 is going to blow the doors off the first one, and machine gun down the opposition.

The NSM Blog/News page (NSM International) is back due to popular demand and better than ever. Link to it off the Main NSM site or directly at http://nsminternati onal.blogspot. com/

NSM Radio just added some new shows, brand new episodes of Nazi America, National Socialist Review, and Australia Calling. NSM Radio shows are currently based out of America, Canada, and Australia. Listen in for free 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your convenience.

Yeah Folks, we are busy and pro-active! Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/ NSM HQ

From: ----------
To: nsmcommander@
Subject: NSM Radio
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 12:07:52 -0500

Dear Mr. Schoep,

I’ve recently listened to a series of your radio shows and they've motivated me to write you this letter. I’d like to express my appreciation for the level of professionalism of the American NSM Radio. I cannot emphasize enough how much this one facet sets the National Socialist Movement apart from the many other groups. Although I am not a member, the Canadian branch of your party is the only local association in which I would consider investing my support in the future. I hope to see the NSM develop a strong intellectual and professional base and through this I absolutely believe that others in the broader movement will unite under its leadership. Please do not allow the Party to degenerate into just another rowdy beer swilling embarrassment. I see your Party’s greatest strength in developing its genuine organizational merit underpinned by a strong academic legitimacy.

Again, thank you for taking one of the unfortunately few steps in the right direction.

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

ISRAEL has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons.
Two Israeli air force squadrons are training to blow up an Iranian facility using low-yield nuclear “bunker-busters”, according to several Israeli military sources.

The attack would be the first with nuclear weapons since 1945, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Israeli weapons would each have a force equivalent to one-fifteenth of the Hiroshima bomb.

Under the plans, conventional laser-guided bombs would open “tunnels” into the targets. “Mini-nukes” would then immediately be fired into a plant at Natanz, exploding deep underground to reduce the risk of radioactive fallout.

“As soon as the green light is given, it will be one mission, one strike and the Iranian nuclear project will be demolished,” said one of the sources.

The plans, disclosed to The Sunday Times last week, have been prompted in part by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad’s assessment that Iran is on the verge of producing enough enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons within two years.

Israeli military commanders believe conventional strikes may no longer be enough to annihilate increasingly well-defended enrichment facilities. Several have been built beneath at least 70ft of concrete and rock. However, the nuclear-tipped bunker-busters would be used only if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene, senior sources said.

Israeli and American officials have met several times to consider military action. Military analysts said the disclosure of the plans could be intended to put pressure on Tehran to halt enrichment, cajole America into action or soften up world opinion in advance of an Israeli attack.

Some analysts warned that Iranian retaliation for such a strike could range from disruption of oil supplies to the West to terrorist attacks against Jewish targets around the world.

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(1/05/06) In the first of two programs, Terry relates the historic evidence of Jewish involvement in Organized Crime..

Another New Orleans Curfew considered after 8 slayings since the New Year

Another New Orleans Curfew considered after 8 slayings since the New Year

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- With at least eight slayings in the city in the first week of the new year, officials are considering a curfew to help stem the violence, the police superintendent said Saturday.
"It's something we're just sort of talking about, to see if that will make a difference," police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

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Toys-R-Us Contest disqualifies Illegal

Toys-R-Us Contest disqualifies Illegal

NEW YORK - After coming under fire for denying a Chinese-American infant a $25,000 prize in a New Year's baby contest because her mother was not a legal U.S. resident, Toys "R" Us Inc. said Saturday evening that it had reversed its decision.

The company said it would award each of the three babies in the grand prize pool of the "First Baby of the Year Sweepstakes" a $25,000 savings bond. Toys "R" us is the parent company of Babies "R" Us, which sponsored the contest.

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Anti-racists charged in drunken attack

Anti-racists charged in drunken attack

ST. PETERSBURG - Four men associated with a skinhead group chased down and beat up a member of a separate neo-Nazi group in downtown around 12:30 a.m. New Year's Day, police said.

St. Petersburg police arrested four men associated with a group called SHARP, or Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Police say the men were attacking 22-year-old Deven Slater, who belongs to a neo-Nazi group. The fight took place in the 600 block of Central Avenue.

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US Presses for Quicker Opening of Nazi Archives

US Presses for Quicker Opening of Nazi Archives

American lawmakers are concerned that further delays in granting access to the Nazi files constitutes an injustice to elderly Holocaust survivors.

American lawmakers, including the incoming head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, are pushing foreign governments to speed up the ratification process of an agreement that will grant access to millions of Nazi-era German documents.

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Pork soup kitchens still allowed in France

Wed Jan 3, 8:11 AM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - A French court ruled Tuesday that an organization with far-right links can continue offering pork soup to the homeless, rejecting police complaints that the food distribution was racist.

Police banned the soup kitchen last month, arguing that the handouts discriminated against Jews and Muslims who do not eat pork on religious grounds.

The administrative court said the distribution was "clearly discriminatory," but could not be stopped because the organizers offered to feed anyone who asked for help.

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Why can’t rich blacks behave?

NEW YORK - Busta Rhymes posted bail and was released Thursday after being arraigned on misdemeanor assault charges that say the hip-hop star beat a man last month in a dispute over money.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Neil Ross set Rhymes' bail at $3,500 for two third-degree assault and two lesser charges and set his next court date for Feb. 20. The judge also signed an order for Rhymes to stay away from the accuser.

The victim, a court complaint says, is Edward Hatchett, 39, Rhymes' former driver. The complaint says the 34-year-old rapper beat him "with a closed fist about the head and neck," knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the ribs and torso.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

NSM Presidential Campaign: Help Needed


As many of your know our NSM Presidential Candidate John Taylor Bowles is starting to Campaign and the Campaign needs many things, funding is key. We need printed Campaign items such as flyers, stickers, yard signs, buttons, and funds for our Candidate to travel the Nation on behalf of the Campaign.

We also need Volunteers to help obtain signatures, and promote the Campaign in other ways. It is the duty of every Party member to do something to help the Campaign. If you can't contribute financially, we need boots in the street. The Campaign for President is seperate from the NSM Main HQ Office, and all contributions to this effort go to Campaign HQ in South Carolina.

I am not asking anyone to do anything I am not willing to do myself, therefore at the end of this Month I will personally pledge a $100. donation to Bowles for President. I am not a rich man by any means, but this is a effort worth supporting, and the Party asks that each member contribute what they can to the Campaign.

Go to www.bowlesforpresid and donate online or send checks or money orders to Bowles for President:

Bowles for President 2008
PO Box 1496
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
Phone: 864-641-0501



John is a former federal officer, USDA. John has spent his life making this a better world for White people. He has a heavy compassion for his own Race and a remarkable belief in White unity. He also holds an undeniable hope for the United States of America and its White citizens. Please take some time to read this campaign website to become more familiar with John's lifelong commitment to serving his own Race and Country both professionally and personally.

Only 676 days until the 2008 Presidential Election

About Candidate John Taylor Bowles...

- born in Maryland in 1957. Raised by highly patriotic parents.

- a devoted fun loving father of three daughters.

- attended Delaware Technical & Community College, graduated high honors, AA Degree in Applied Science, Phi Theta Kappa honor fraternity member. Listed in the National Deans List, 1997-1998, as one of America's outstanding college students.

- former elected labor union representative of UAW Local #1400. Union member of the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Local #2100.

- former federal officer of the United State's Department of Agriculture (resigned to run for President).

- prosecuted because of pro-White political beliefs and activism and became a political prisoner of the State of Maryland from 1985-1989. Despite this unfortunate railroad job, presidential candidate Bowles can still get on the ballot in most states.

- United State's Air Force, Telecommunications Operations Specialist, honorable discharge.

- ordained Chaplain, Doctorate Degree in Theology.

- received numerous awards from the federal government and for outstanding service to the community and patriotic activity.

- recognizing that the two major parties were more concerned about non-White votes than the interests of the White majority, at 17, became active as a National Socialist. In 1975, was the campaign treasurer to the first National Socialist candidate to enter an American general election. On the ballot twice during the early 1980's in Maryland. Presently, the National Election Director for the National Socialist Movement and holds the rank of Lieutenant.

- currently a registered voter and resides in South Carolina.

- member of Independent Order of Oddfellows.

Bowles for President 2008
PO Box 1496
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
Phone: 864-641-0501
Email: bowlesforpresident@

Will The White Race Survive?

This is a very good video! Everyone should watch it.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

NSM Radio: New NAZI AMERICA show

NSM Radio: New NAZI AMERICA show


(1/3/07)The connection between the Aryan people and the land which sustains us has always been strong. We begin to explore how National Socialism will restore a healthy relationship with our environment.

Pentagon Prepares For Iraq Troop Surge

Pentagon Prepares For Iraq Troop Surge
Commanders Say They're Ready For Expected Order To Deploy More Troops

Military commanders have told President Bush they are prepared to execute a troop surge that would put about 9,000 soldiers and Marines into Iraq with another 11,000 on alert outside the country, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Marti

Read the full article at this link - Full article

Israelis gearing up to bomb Iran

The appointment of Israel’s new deputy PM raises fears of a new catastrophe, says robert fox

The Middle East is abuzz with ugly rumours. One of them is so dire - and comes from sources in so many capital cities - that it has to be taken seriously.

The suggestion is that the Israeli government has served notice on the White House that it must take pre-emptive action against Iran's sites of nuclear weapons development - or Israel will go it alone and do the job itself. Israel has apparently given Bush a deadline of six months.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007



(12/31/06) Fruit of the tree of multiculturalism: Australia now has its own home-grown Islamic terrorists. WIll your child be the first to be killed by an Islamic bomb?